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video playback - after playing one, will stop playing

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video playback - after playing one, will stop playing

When more then once video is in the playlist, it will launch the first video and play it all the way through. After the video is done, it will return back to DoggCatcher. However DoggCatcher then will not launch the next item in the list, which could be an audio or video item, even though 'auto' is selected.

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This is because for video, I am using the android video player (or alternate if you choose). We won't know whether the user paused the video or is finished, so it would be presumptuous to start playing another.

Down the road, I might create an internal video player similar to what I do for audio, which would make it possible to do what you mention.

I know it's not quite consistent right now between audio/video. It really should work for video the same as it does for audio.

Thanks for the feedback.