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Bug in displaying newer items in a large feed

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Bug in displaying newer items in a large feed

Hi Eric,
I subscribed to the following "Down Range Radio" feed a few months ago...

This feed was a strange duck compared to other feeds. It listed every item from oldest sorted first since the beginning. In order for it to behave like other feeds, I had to configure it to set the Play Order to "Newest First" and have "Full Fetch" checked. It worked fine until a few weeks ago when it stopped showing the newer weekly feeds. It only displays up to episode 255. They are now up to episode 260. No matter what I try, I cannot get DoggCatcher to display episodes 256 through 260. Is it just more than a coincidence that 256 is programming multiple? Is there a limit of 256 entries read into DoggCatcher? I added this feed to my NetVibes newreader and it displays up to the latest episode 260.


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Is this problem still

Is this problem still occurring? I'm able to see up to episode 260 but I had to set the number of episodes to something high. I think I set it to 300.