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60 minutes podcast does not download anymore

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60 minutes podcast does not download anymore

Since 1.0.600 the 60 minutes podcast has 'size unknown' for all items, and once it downloads an item it does not update that size. And if it pause the item, it will force another download instead of continue play.

Steps to reproduce:
- download the latest item (note that all items in the list change from 'not downloaded' to 'ready', even the once that have not been downloaded)
- start to play it, and pause after 20 secs
- do a force update
- note that now all items are marked as 'not downloaded' again, and trying to continue play that item by clicking on the item (not the play button), will schedule it for download again, instead of playing it (since it is already downloaded).

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Looks like their feed changed

Looks like their feed changed...for the worse.

Below is the xml one of the enclosures. The "length" field is supposed to contain the file size. The "duration" field is supposed to contain the "42:47".

I could probably work around this but I would imagine that they are going to fix this as it has to be causing problems for other podcatchers.

enclosure url="" length="42:47" type="audio/mpeg"