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Doggcatcher doesn't detect when it is Connected to Wifi.

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Doggcatcher doesn't detect when it is Connected to Wifi.


I know this probably won't be fixed until Android 1.5 is officially released and DoggCatcher is updated to fully support it but I wanted to give this heads up.

I'm successfully running DoggCatcher on a T-Mobile G1 with the 5.0.2Hr4 Haykuro Cupcake firmware. The application is functional, the only two things that aren't really working are:

1- Podcasts do not download when you select the "Only when connected to Wifi" function, I have checked the Queue and the top part says "Not Connected to Wifi" and as such it doesn't start the downloads. Tried with 3 different APs and no success..

2- DoggCatcher application shortcut icon is not shown. (Not very important, just a little aestethically unpleasing).

When are you guys planning to update the app? (heheh not to be pushy but a new phone will be released by May 5 with this firmware, well... a similar one)

Either way! thanks a lot for your usual support and this awesome app that is used like 80% of the time I use the phone.



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Thanks for letting me know of the issues you are having with haykuro's build.

I'll be testing the app on the 1.5 pre-release sdk over the next few days will be checking out the issues you mentioned and also to see if there are any other problems.

I'll let you know how that goes.