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Failed downloads result in application hanging

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Failed downloads result in application hanging

After I launch DoggCatcher and watch it update the feeds, I will oftentimes drill down into any one of a number of podcast feeds and then attempt to download an item. From time to time (and without any noticeable pattern), DC will change the status to 'Downloading (#1)' but then almost immediately -- obviously, way too quickly -- change the item's status from Download to Play. "Download Complete" will also appear at the top of the screen. When I attempt to play the item, however, the following error will appear at the top of the screen:

Error playing episode - 2.2 - Unknown error

The Application Log simply shows the download as being successful.

Further attempts to play the file cause DC to hang. If I press Wait on the hang dialog, the hang dialog appears again after a few seconds. If I press OK (i.e., close), DC will re-start.

When I 'delete [the] media [item]' and re-downloading but the same thing happens.

Inevitably, the file will eventually download and play -- usually days after the problem arose.

Any idea as to what is causing this? BTW, I just completed uploading the log to the support email address.

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So most likely what's

So most likely what's happening is that DC is making a request to get the audio file but what is coming back isn't an audio file. We can probably figure out what's going on but it is going to involve getting the files that are getting downloaded.

The way to do that would be (after a file has downloaded that won't play), go to the feed options for the feed that has the bad audio file. Then scroll down to the storage directory and you should see the location where we are storing the files for that feed. Then connect your phone to a computer and transfer the file to the computer. You can either open it up in notepad or send it to us (support at doggcatcher dot com) and I'll check it out.