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Possible to show description in audio or feed list?

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Possible to show description in audio or feed list?

Hi all. I'm just getting started with DoggCatcher. Great product.

I see the "Playing, Audio, Video, News" menus at the top of the screen.

Question 1:
If I'm looking at the Audio list, I'd really like to see the full description (or an excerpt) below the title of the actively playing podcast. I want this because I often like to quickly scan the text and decide if I want to listen to this one or long press the "next" button to skip to the next and mark it as done. It's less efficient to have to click over to the "Playing" menu to get that info. Is there a way to make this happen?

Question 2:
Can I customize that main menu and put in my own custom categories (ie, mayb make it Feeds, Playing, Audio, Sports, News)?

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Great, I'm glad you're liking

Great, I'm glad you're liking it.

1 - One way to do this is to long-press on an episode and select 'description'. That will also let you up/down through the episodes. What's missing is to be able to flag episodes as done on that screen but I have that on the todo list.

2 - Not currently, but we just had a conversation in another thread about adding categories as 'sub tabs' on the feeds tab. That way, you'd be able to swipe left/right through the categories to filter the feeds.

Thanks for posting.