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Flag as New missing...

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Flag as New missing...

I've just noticed what I think may be a little bug.

First of all I am using version 1.2.3173. The bug only appears on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Android version 3.2), everything looks fine on my Galaxy S.

Whilst I am looking at the Video tab with the sort order as oldest at the top (icon in top right showing big arrow pointing up, little arrow pointing down)if I long press on an item that is currently in progress I get the options to Flag as in progress & Flag as done (as well as other options) but no Flag as New option.

If I reverse the sort to newest at the top (icon it top right showing big arrow pointing down) a long press on the same item that is in progress will correctly show Flag as new & Flag as done.

I have screen shots I can e-mail if you need to see them.

It's not a show stopper but thought I'd report my findings. I'd also be interested if anyone else can validate this issue or if its just me :-)

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Yep, I'm seeing the same

Yep, I'm seeing the same thing, definitely a bug. I thought I saw this once but I never made the connection with the sort order. That's definitely the key.

Thanks for reporting the problem - I created a bug for this -