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"Save item" command

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"Save item" command


Nice app, I enjoy it for a few months now.
Here is the idea:
- Create a special "Saved items" virtual feed
- Add "Save" command
- When I use Save command, an item (from any feed) gets added/copied to "Saved items" feed. If item is downloaded it gets copied to the feed directory. Otherwise, it gets downloaded there.

Sometimes I listen to a podcast or music song in my feed and I want to show it to someone at later time.
Save command would give me an easy solution.
Right now I am trying to use "Share" command and email the link to myself and then download it again from the email link. Very awkward.

Hope this makes sense.
Great app, again!

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I thought I had an issue for

I thought I had an issue for that but I couldn't find it so I created one -

I've had a few people request this in the past. I agree that it would be pretty useful. In it's simplest form, it would just export the media file someplace so it didn't get deleted, but creating a special type of virtual feed that retained all the episode info would be good too.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi Eric,

Hi Eric,

Your link above doesn't lead anywhere. I would also like to request the feature that would save a podcast episode to a user-specified location so it is not deleted.


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This is the updated URL for issue 0001241: Ability to export an episode media file to some configurable directory . -

See related post "Listen Again" or Favorites Feature -