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"Description" view should provide more/all options

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"Description" view should provide more/all options


Nice app, I enjoy it for a few months now.
What I am missing is more options in the "Description" view/dialog.
I navigate a long list of podcasts with similar and not very informative names.
I see one that looks interesting and open Description to find out more about it.
I read the description but all I can do is represented by three buttons available in the view: open HTML link in browser, navigate back or navigate forward.
What I normally want to do instead is:
- play it
- download it
- stop downloading
- mark it as new/old
- etc.
What I do now is I close the Description view and get back to the podcast list but the problem is that I get relocated to a different place there (I guess it relocates me so that currently playing item becomes visible) and I have a hard time to find that item in the list again.

I guess I am asking for more buttons in the view/dialog or for item-specific context menu that would enable me to apply any action to item open in Description.
Hope this makes sense.
Greate app, again!


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I agree with pretty much all

I agree with pretty much all of that. I think by making that screen swipeable (left/right) to move through the descriptions, we can free up some space to add buttons for the things you are talking about. That would avoid a lot of long-presses to do these types of actions.

I created an issue for this -

Thanks for the feedback.