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How to STOP playback, not just pause

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How to STOP playback, not just pause

Newbie here. I want to like this, but might not be geek enough to figure it out.
Currently using the "trial" download; phone is EVO 4G (sprint). I've set up to download 2 separate talk-show feeds and thought I had it set to start download at midnight...3 days and it hasn't done anything. I managed to FORCE download a couple talkshow episodes. I started PLAYBACK, then decided I wanted to stop and tinker with it a bit more. It would PAUSE for about 15-20 seconds then begin to PLAYBACK again. Did this over and over until I finally had to FORCE EXIT. then I went back and downloaded a different (SEPARATE) talk-show (had to FORCE it to download). when it finished, I hit PLAYBACK, and it began to playback the previous talkshow where it had ended before I forced close. Like I said, I want this to work, but it might be too complicated for me... So, real question is: How do I STOP a playback, not simply pause it for 15-20 seconds?

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You may need to enable the

You may need to enable the preference 'start on boot' if you are noticing that downloads are occurring. The play button will always play the what you were playing last, this will be displayed on the now playing screen. To play a different episode that is already download, just press on it, and it will start to play. The easiest way to switch between playing different episodes is to use the audio tab, which will contain all of the episodes that have been downloaded.

Thanks for posting.