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Update to 1.2.3071 Force Closes and Won't Play Podcasts

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Update to 1.2.3071 Force Closes and Won't Play Podcasts

Please help. I have been a faithful Doggcatcher user for a year and a half. Ever since the update to 1.2.3071 my Doggcatcher will not play. When I click on a podcast, it will play for about a second then freeze and then show the new start up picture with the dog on it, and then the screen will go to the main menu screen with all of my podcasts. I get the same error on every podcast I try. The error code is "Error 0(1.0)". If anyone has any suggestions please let me know I am back to having to use Google Listen in the meantime.

Also, is there a way to get the name of the podcast I am listening to on the bottom scroll again? That was changed on the big update a few weeks ago, and I listen to so many podcasts that are the same show broken into sequential segments that it is convenient to know which segment I am on without having to flip over to the "Playing" screen.

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Are you using presto? If

Are you using presto? If not, please send a log right after this happens (in the dc menu) and I'll take a look.

There isn't a way now to get the current item title to display other than the playing tab. I thought that there might be some people missing that, but you're actually the first to mention it. I'll think about this some and see if I can come up with something. I don't want to use the screen space we used to but there might be another way.

Thanks for posting.