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Very happy user but I need some help with losing pods

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Very happy user but I need some help with losing pods

Hi all, This is a great app and I use it daily but I have a problem. Let me explain. I subscribe to a feed that sends out 3 podcasts per week. I have set DC to download and show 9 podcasts from this feed and after I listen to one it auto deletes. This works great. But if I am away on business and don't listen to any of the 9 that are there and then new ones are published the last un-listened to podcast is replaced with this new one. So I lose a podcast I have not yet listened to. Over a long period of un-use this would mean the 9 podcasts I last had to listen to would all be replaced with 9 new ones as they are published.

I hope I am making sense LOL. So what I want is for DC only to replace podcasts when I listen to them and not when a new podcast is published. Can anyone help..............Thanks

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Are the older episodes (the

Are the older episodes (the ones after the most recent 9) being removed from the publisher's feed or do you have the number of items set to 9?

If the publisher only keeps the 9 most recent episodes in the feed, then you can turn on the 'retain expired' feed option. This has a drawback that you will have to manually delete the episodes when you are done though.

If the publisher's feed includes more than the 9 most recent, you can increase the number of items for the feed to a large number (and probably the auto-downloads too).

Thanks for posting.