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menu button customization and sizes on home screen

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menu button customization and sizes on home screen

On the main screen there are the menu items:

I use these buttons to navigate to various features, however in some circumstances (while driving, or in the workshop etc) its a bit hard to hit the button you want accurately, and even more so now as these buttons seem to be getting smaller as more are added....

Can it be possible to customize this section as follows:
1) Make the buttons bigger or smaller (as per the player controls)
2) In preferences have a tick box system to turn these on or off individually (for example just have FEEDS and AUDIO showing.

Is there a way or can it be implemented as an update?

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I'm going to be making the

I'm going to be making the tab buttons *slightly* taller in the release after next.

I also have had the request for configuring which tabs get displayed a couple times. I created an issue for this -

When I'm driving I swipe the tabs left/right since the middle area is much easier to swipe than the tab buttons are too hit.

Thanks for the feedback.