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Integrated notation system

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Integrated notation system

I use DoggCatcher primarily for listening to podcasts of a handful of talk shows. Whenever I hear something interesting that I may want to refer back to at a later date, I use the stock Android memopad to note the show date, the begin and end timestamps of the interesting segment, and a short description of why it is interesting.

This is something that I think would be great to integrate into DoggCatcher.

The way I envision this working might be a panel, much like the one that sits above the playback controls that opens upward with the description of the podcast currently playing, that would sit opposite and open downward. It would contain a text input box for entering a description, as well as a button for marking the in point and, optionally, an out point, as well as a "save" button.

What exactly to do with the note when it's saved, I'm not sure. Perhaps store them in a DB with a function to export them as a text file. Maybe each would just be stored as separate text files on the sdcard. Another detail I haven't given a lot of thought to is how one would edit a note from within DoggCatcher once it has been saved. Perhaps you start listening to an interesting segment and bring up the notation panel to punch in the start point and the description. You hit save so you don't lose what you have written so far but then the segment turns out to be much more involved and you want to go back and add more commentary and/or set the out point.

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That's an interesting idea.

That's an interesting idea. I thought I had an issue in the bug database for some kind of bookmarking on episodes but I couldn't find it. I created an issue with a link back to this post for the details -

Thanks for posting the idea.

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+1 on this. This is probably

+1 on this. This is probably my favorite feature from Instacast.

Dan Rasch
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I also loved this feature in

I also loved this feature in Instacast. It allowed me to take multiple bookmarks per podcast, edit the notes at a later time, and export all bookmarks in one file. I use this because I often listen to educational lectures and take notes along the way, then export the notes to review all and share some of them.