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Audio List won't sort Feed/Date correctly

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Audio List won't sort Feed/Date correctly

I have set the Global Feed option to sort by date, oldest first; when I look at each feed individually they are sorted correctly. Note: there is no date listed for each episode but there is a XX days ago, or xx hours ago listed showing how old each episode is.

When I go to the Audio List and ask it to sort for Feed/Date I get them in feed order but sorted by newest first not oldest first.

I have been having this problem for a while now. Did a recent update break this feature?

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The sort option can be a

The sort option can be a little confusing. If you set it to oldest first, then it will *display* oldest at the top, but *play* newest first. This is because the episodes play from what is on the feed screen from the bottom up.

If you are wanting to play all the episodes with the oldest first, then change the sort order to newest first. I know this seems backwards. I'll get this straightened out in one of the next few releases. This has been tripping people up for a while now.

Thanks for posting.