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incomplete download

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incomplete download

Had no problems with trial version but since I bought full versiin my podcasts are not downloading and/or playing all the way through on my droid 3. The podcast will appear to be completely downloaded but will cut out before completion and bump me to another podcast. It will bump me repeatedly at the same spot. I have tried deleting the podcast and uploading it again to no avail. This is happening about 60% of the time with my npr science friday feed.

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The code in the trial and the

The code in the trial and the market release is identical in terms of audio playback, so there must be something else going on.

Is this happening with only that feed?

Sometimes when there are audio playback problems in the android media player (which dc uses), the media player sends a message to dc that it has completed playing the file. The problem is that there isn't a way to distinguish between this and actually reaching the end. My guess is that this is what is happening.