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Resume Streaming

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Resume Streaming

Right now, unless I am missing something, there is no way to resume a podcast that you were originally streaming.

If I listen to a podcast, exit doggcatcher in the middle, and come back, I'll see on the progress bar that Doggcatcher knows how far I've gotten in the podcast. (It does *not* list the time or percentage I have listened to).

By clicking stream again, it restarts the podcast from scratch - it does not seek to the place where I last left.

Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong - otherwise please fix this!


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The ability to resume is

The ability to resume is going to depend on two things.

Firstly, if DC has not exited, or been killed by android, most likely the resume should work.

Secondly, if DC *has* exited, and the type of the stream supports resuming, then the resume should work. I've seen different behavior here on different devices with different os version so that makes me think that there are different streaming capabilities built into the different versions of android but I can't say for sure.

I just tested this out with a twit feed that I recall having worked previously so I created a bug for this -

Thanks for reporting the problem.

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Has there been any work on

Has there been any work on this issue? I like to get in the car in the morning and pick out a show from the list to stream. But about 10-15 minutes into my commute, the stream will cut out. If I try to start it back up, it starts from the beginning :(

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I originally thought this

I originally thought this only didn't work after the app was restarted and then we tried to resume the stream, but it seems to be more broken than I thought. I'm seeing the same behavior you are.

I just moved this up in the schedule -

Thanks for letting me know.

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Any progress?

Same problem here - streaming podcasts is all I use DoggCatcher for - my phone has very little storage, so I never download a podcast. If I don't finish the whole podcast in one listen, the game's over. I have to start again, and because I can't advance the podcast while it's streaming, I have to listen to the whole thing all over again, which can be tedious.

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That's fixed but it's still

That's fixed but it's still on the to do list, resuming streams without having to manually go to the feed and find the episode you were streaming last.