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SD Card marked read-only

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SD Card marked read-only

I had a similar issue a while back that I thought was resolved by using a Sandisk card.

Anyway, my phone died in the middle of downloading a podcast. When I fired the phone back up, everything was fine until I opened DC. They after about 30 seconds I received the dreaded 'sd card mounted in read-only mode'.

This time I removed the card and used a reader to transfer all the files to my PC before formatting the card. I was hoping to at least save the OPML file.

During the backup, I noticed a podcast download with an extension of .PART .

I deleted the .PART file, and the card mounted fine.

Is this a coincidence? Could a corrupted .PART file tell the phone to stop writing to the card?

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The .part files are just

The .part files are just something the doggcatcher does so that while it's downloading file, it names the file ending in .part, so that we can tell the difference between parts of files and complete files.

It's probably not a coincidence that the file system switched into read only mode when DC was writing a file, but it wasn't caused by DC. Any app that is reading/writing to files at the time that the file system runs into problems, can result in a read-only file system. I can't say what the root cause is but my best guess is that it's either a faulty sd card or a bug in the android rom. It's easier for most people to swap the sd card to narrow it down between the two.