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Delete done content after x days

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Delete done content after x days

Could be interesting to delete "done" content after a configurable amount of time instead of instantly as feed get updated.

Media would occupy more space eventually.... but is eventually better in case you need to view again the same content.

For example, delete after 3 days after viewing.

Don't know how to deal with maximum of content downloaded for the feed.
If media downloaded is set to 10 and there's 15 items in the feed. After downloading first 10 it would stop (as is already doing).
But at that point if I view 2 items and are kept for 3 days (marked done and waiting for deletion).
In such situation, 2 more items to be downloaded should be downloaded after actual deletion (after 3 days) or are to be downloaded asap?

Also if implementing all this.... should be some indication of "content ready to play but already viewed"


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Hmmm, I think I've had a few

Hmmm, I think I've had a few requests for something similar.

I created an issue for this -

Thanks for the feedback.