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Support for fwd/rev for video on ASUS Transformer keyboard

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Support for fwd/rev for video on ASUS Transformer keyboard

I have an ASUS Transformer Tablet with the optional keyboard dock. I often watch video podcasts with it in the dock. The issue is that there is no way while watching the video to go forward or backward using keys on the keyboard. The only way is using the on-screen buttons.

I tried left and right arrows, which do not work. The transformer keyboard actually has dedicated Rev ( |<< ), Play/Pause ( >| ), and Fwd ( >>| ) buttons. The Play/Pause button does work but Fwd and Rev buttons do not.

If you need me to find out what the Fwd and Rev keys actually send I can try to do that for you.

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We use a standard android

We use a standard android video player for video playback but those differ on some devices. Some device maker vary how the on screen buttons are layed out and which ones are there.

If pressing on the hard ff rew keys sends a standard signal like it should, then the video players normally respond to that but it's pretty much up to how the device maker made the player.

Down the road, I'll probably end up putting our own vid player in so we can get some of the customization that we need. At that point, we would make sure that the buttons respond the same for video as they do for audio.

Thanks for posting.