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iPad Version

I would like to request an iPad version of the app. I listen to lots of podcasts, and a version on iOS or an HTML5 page that syncs subscriptions, what's currently playing, and skip location (a la whisper sync in Kindle) would rock my world. I know this is a stretch since it would be a big project, but it is something your users would probably pay a good amount for. An HTML5 web app might be the best way to go, since Apple would probably reject a native app. If you like this idea and want to contact me to help you implement, send me an email at

Dan Wilson

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I don't have any plans at the

I don't have any plans at the moment to enter the i-world. Android has proven to be a good place to live, I think we'll just hang around here for a while.

I think there are already a few ios podcast apps, but if you've got some unique ideas, you should write one.

Thanks for the feedback.

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I will look forward for that

I will look forward for that app soon,

Matt of