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New York Times blogs rendering error code

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New York Times blogs rendering error code

New York Times text blogs are not coming through right. I can read the small summaries of the blogs, but when I request the full content, I get the word ERROR -- DESCRIPTION: No activity found to handle intent. I secured the dds from the following opml file: I have chosen a few of the blogs from the options in the opml file above: health, science, sports. All appear in the lineup in Doggcatcher, update fine, give the summary when called for, but crap out when I ask for the full text of the blog. The icons for these blogs, though, also are problematic -- they are just a black boxes.
I am using 1.2.2681 of DoggCatcher, on a Droid, Samsung SCH-I510, firmware version 2.21, Verizon network.