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can android app be moved to sd card and other questions

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can android app be moved to sd card and other questions

I am thinking about purchasing doggcatcher and have a few questions. First can you move the android version of dogg catcher from internal memory to the sd card, same goes for all downloaded folders. I am blind and require a screen reader like TalkBack or Mobile Accessibility, how accessible is it to screen readers, and lastly, can you listen to streaming feeds. I have read references to this and just want to make sure it can. Thanks.

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The app can't currently be

The app can't currently be moved to the sd card (it's usually only a few megabytes with an average number of feeds). There are some details about this here -

You can configure where the media files are stored.

A few months back a worked with a blind DoggCatcher user to make everything accessible. I think there have been one or two spots where I have changed features that are accessible but can be improved. So for the most part it should be fine, but I would be happy to hear any feedback that you have so I can hit any of the missing spots.

You can stream audio.

Please let me know how it goes and thanks for posting.