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Audio playback starts unexpectedly

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There can be different causes for this, both of which can be confirmed by viewing the DoggCatcher event log. This log can be seen in the menu opened by clicking on the hamburger at the top left.

A headset play/pause event has been received
Some car audio systems automatically send a play event to your mobile device right after connecting via bluetooth. This has been observed with Ford Sync and some other aftermarket headunuts like the Pioneer NEX-4100.

Faulty wired headset
After a wired headset device has been used for a while, it can begin to send faulty signals to the mobile device which are interpreted as play/pause events.


I have a 2015 Carolla with the same problem. Sometimes I will start the car and Doggcatcher starts playing. How can I solve this issue? Thank you.

Try changing the BT settings from this thread "DoggCatcher Launches while using other Apps"

my VW still starts the audio playback, even though I have set the settings exactly like that. Anything else I can do?

Try deleting the BT pairings from your phone and headset device and/or vehicle), reboot your phone and re-pair again.

BT vehicle head units are unpredictable and can send faulty signals to your device

(See posted FAQ article "Audio playback starts unexpectedly" -