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Integrate Wifi controls into the app

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Integrate Wifi controls into the app

I'm on a roll tonight... :)

Is it possible to integrate Wifi enable/disable into the app? If not as a discrete control, at least as part of the manual update process – maybe if the preference is set to only download on wifi and a forced update is requested, ask if the user would like to use wifi for the update, then make sure it’s on, or turn it on, do the update, and have option to turn it off or leave it on afterwards. Maybe extend this as a preference to allow the user to set connection preference to be used for updates, and whether or not to turn off after completing.

Simplest might be to allow wifi to be enabled directly from the app. For those that want to download only when on wifi it might be helpful... or maybe it's just me, since I keep having endless problems with keeping wifi on when I'm at home, and have a lot of problems trying to get successful updates and downloads over 3g/edge. My wifi keeps disconnecting and the data connection reverts back to 3g, which flakes out and drops back and forth to edge.

Guess there's not a lot of consistency here. I really just wish the wifi would stay connected, but even if it did, I'd still find benefit in this type of feature since I don't always remember to turn it on when I get home, and it's kind of a pain to try to do an update in DC, find that wifi is off, then have to go out of the app to the wifi controls and navigate back to the app afterwards, and occassionally have to do it again when the connection drops.

Thanks for reading...


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Wifi disconnects

There is a bug that can occur when the phone has some enclosures to download, it will keep the wifi alive for the first one, but then the wifi can go back to sleep while it's trying the remaining items. I have fixed this bug and it will be in the next release (tonight or tomorrow). Let me know if this doesn't resolve the issue for you.

The idea of integrating the wifi controls are interesting. I have to think about how this would work, but I do think we need to bit more configurability about what wireless conditions must exist for feed updates...currently downloads are the only thing affected by the preferences.