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'Catch up' feature?

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'Catch up' feature?

I've been looking for a solution to this for quite sometime. I've had an iPhone for the last 2 years which worked great for listening to current podcasts synced via iTunes, but for OLDER podcasts; say you missed 3 months and needed to catch up there was no facility other than adding the media and listening to them as 'music', no position in file remembering or keeping track of where you are etc...

Now that I've switched to an Android device it seems I still have the same issue. I used Google's Listen which was okay for current podcasts but unfortunately had no facility to catch up on older podcasts.

Does Doggcatcher have any such facility?

In particular, I've downloaded all of the old episodes of Buzz Out Loud going back to March and I will listen to every single one until I am current. Then I'll switch back to my now current podcasts and catch back up on them, etc...

Does Doggcatcher have any facility to make this easier?

If I go a day or so without listening to a podcast and I haven't deleted the ones I've listened too I often find myself re-listening to podcasts to ensure I didn't skip the ending... etc...

Whether it downloads the older podcasts itself or *I* have to get them manually isn't a concern. It's the management of listening position and episode number that is important to me...

Also, something else I was wondering about was if there was a 'catch up on all' feature where if I went a week without listening to podcasts that I was current on the player would play them back to me in DATE order rather than grouping the podcasts by name. i.e. Play all podcasts from 8/25 first, then all from 8/26. etc...


I am really hoping Doggcatcher supports these features because I REALLY need a podcast player that does and that's why I'm willing to pay for one.