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Another app has requested audio focus

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Another app has requested audio focus

I did a search of the forum as to why DC pauses when this message comes up.

When I listen to a podcast I am not using headphones with a pause or any buttons. All other apps are closed and there is no other program running.

A search of the forum did not come up with a solution.

This happens about every 30 minutes and pauses the program. It is becoming more annoying.

Using a Samsung Fascinate, not rooted with 2.2.1

Any solution?

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If you're seeing that message

If you're seeing that message you can be sure that something else is grabbing the focus. Listen does this periodically, there are others as well.

You can send the log to yourself (in the dc menu). Just start to send to dev and then change the email address to yourself. You can usually tell in the log which app is the culprit.