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10 dollars?

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10 dollars?

I really like the app, it's been developing nicely and it's very useful. I figured that when this went from beta to retail, you'd charge for it. But $10 is enough to make me think about it, especially since iPhone apps tend to go for a dollar or two. I was expecting a price tag of under $5. It just seems like a lot of money for a fairly simple app.

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I'm biased

I'm a professional software developer in the corporate world, and I'm even trying to write an application for android on my own time, so I know how many hours this takes. I confess that I don't know how simple the code for downloading and indexing and playing back all the items is, but I do know that the functionality of this app meets or exceeds the best programs I used on WinMo for podcatching the last few years, so I'm happy.

Having said all that, the prices for all the apps seem to be skewed higher in the Marketplace compared to the App Store. I decided that the quality of the program and the responsiveness of the developer was worth it for me, especially for a program I use daily.

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I'll be buying it eventually

I just wanted to let you know that I'll be paying for the app eventually, money is just a little tight right now. I thought about the app and what I mean to say is not that it isn't "worth" 10 dollars. It certainly adds that much value to my life, I just think that a lower price which would deter others from trying to undercut you and raise your sales numbers, in turn putting more money in your pocket. Right now your app is sitting in the depths of the app store list, perhaps you'll need a lite version to sell the pro version's features?

Best of luck with your app! And I hope you make enough money to quit your day job :)

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I was a bit surprised at the

I was a bit surprised at the 10 price tag but I think its worth it. This is the only app i have bought on the marketplace so far. It has completely replaced what I listen to in the car. (Canceled my XM subscription which made it pay for itself in 1 month).

Eric has been very responsive to new feature requests and bug fixes and this app just works. I barely have to think about it.

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Magic formula

I wish I could tell you that I had a magic formula to come up with the price, but I am no expert in this area. I just write code that is as solid as possible, and try to support my users the best that I can. I figure everything else will just kinda work itself out...I'll make adjustments as I need to.

There are quite a few other apps that do the same thing as DC for windows mobile, blackberry, symbian, palm, etc. I just found the price range for those products (the non-free ones), and picked a price at the very low end. At this point I don't know if the price is the right one or how long it will stay there.

You might find the last TWIT episode interesting, they discussed this exact issue and three completely different views on it. Maybe there are no experts or right answers :-)

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There is no right answer to

There is no right answer to this except "what the market will bear"

I think $10 is a VERY fair price for this program. FANTASTIC software with ACTIVE development and ACTIVE feedback from the maker is a genuinely rare thing.

now $10 "IS" a lot of money and that WILL put off a lot of users but I think eventually most of them will come around. the program is just that good.

I think the way Eric is doing it is great. $10 with a "sale" every now and then.