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Remove Feeds from DoggCatcher Directory?

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Remove Feeds from DoggCatcher Directory?

We run a membership podcast with unique RSS feeds generated for our paying subscribers and we recently discovered that a number of our member only feeds were listed in the DoggCatcher directory.

How does DoggCatcher add feeds to the directory? Is it simply uploading User's data?

Is there any way for us to stop DoggCatcher from listing our member's feeds other than asking them not to use the app?

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The feeds get indexed into

The feeds get indexed into the directory when the users use a recommendations feature. There are a couple warnings in the app about not using the recommendations features if you have private tokens in the RSS URL.

You won't run into the problem if they don't use the recommendations feature. Most publishers protect feeds with http authentication rather than a private token in the URL, but that's likely to be a pretty big change for you.

What I'll need to do is allow a feed to be configured to not be included in the recommendations. This will prevent some of the problems but I expect that there will still be some inadvertent occurrences.

I created an issue for this -