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dogg catcher improvements

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dogg catcher improvements


I’ve discovered doggcatcher one month ago. It’s a good software with nice features. I would like to share with view my wishes in order to make dogcatcher a perfect app (in my opinion);

-If there is something that makes me bad it the feeds windows. When I update my feeds I never know what podcasts are new or not. Sometimes dogcatcher download automatically the feeds, sometimes no. It’s not easy to know. That’s why I update each feed manually. I would like more control on my feeds update

My solution: After pushing on “update feeds” dogcatcher open a new window with all new episodes. On this window you can select one/all episode and download them manually/automatically. This way is better because you know what’s is new and what’s it’s not.
By a long press on a episode you can set it as “new” (to show it at the next update), “old” (to not display it at the next update) etc.

-I’m obliged to use an external player (Mortplayer) because integrated player is good. There are some features wich are missing.

My solution: add basic features in integrated dogcatcher player:
-allow bookmarks! I think I’m not the only one who want this feature
-save playing position
-create a window for the player. A small bar is not very easy to use. I prefer a windows with all controls you can use on a player.

I have a lot of ideas and these two above are the most important in my opinion. Thank you for read me (sorry for my English)

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All the feeds will update at

All the feeds will update at the same time and you'll see a blue number on each feed with the number of items that are new. You can also press on a feed to go to all the items for that feed and then on the left there are different colored balls indicating new/in progress/old (blue/green/grey). In the menu on that screen, you can hide the done items, so you'll only see new and in-progress items.

Bookmarks - that's on the todo list
Saving play position - it does that now, although some people have had problems on some custom roms
Window for player - this is also on the todo list

Thanks for the feedback.