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Audio tab empty

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Audio tab empty


I did a search but could not find anyone with the same problem as me - if I missed it, I'm sorry.

Basically, feeds are downloading fine and I can see them all in the main screen. However, if I hit the audio tab to play by feed date or whatever, it's blank. The video tab is showing everything fine, but alas I'm having a problem with the audio one.

I have just reinstalled the app to see if that made any difference... negative.

Any ideas what I can try?


p.s. It's 03:40 in the morning here, I'm going to bed. Will catch up later :-)

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The audio screen will only

The audio screen will only show items that have already been downloaded. Have you already downloaded some?

If so, try pressing on the playlist list (in the audio tab) and select feed/date. There's a rare bug that I haven't pinned down yet where that screen doesn't populate under some circumstances and flipping the playlist populates the screen.

Let me know either way, and we'll dig deeper if the problem remains.