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Virtual feeds

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Virtual feeds

A virtual feed uses a folder on the SD card as content for a feed. E.g., you can place audio files from an audio book in a folder and play them like a regular feed.

Steps to creating a virtual feed:

  • Slide out the navigation drawer from the left side of the screen
  • Select 'Subscribe'
  • Select the advanced tab (all the way to the right)
  • At this point you have two options
  • Option 1 - "Choose an existing directory"
    • Press Choose an existing directory
    • Locate folder (using a file manager) on local SD card or Exrernal SD Card E.g. /sdcard/DoggCatcher or /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/audiobook
    • Press the 'Select current directory' button
    • On DoggCatcher's feeds screen, scroll down to the new virtual feed, long press & Update the feed.
      Flag all the items as new (this will make them appear in the playlist)
  • Option 2 - "Let DoggCatcher creat a directory"
    • Press 'Let DoggCatcher create a directory' a dialog box will appear indicating which directory was created
    • Place your media files in the created directory
  • Return to the feeds screen
  • Update the feed
  • Flag all the items as new (this will make them appear in the playlist).
  • When you are playing files in a virtual feed, it is often useful to change
    the active playlist to be virtual by doing the following:
  • Open the audio playlist (select Audio from the Feeds screen), tap the Playlist button, and select "Virtual
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minor error in steps

After the third step, it should say:
* Select "Virtual Feed"

This is fantastic! Glad I searched for this. I think you should recommend the first choice (choose existing directory). It's much easier to find where you've put stuff, rather than buried in /storage/extSdCard/Android/data/