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Next Button (on media player)

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Next Button (on media player)

The next button is generally used to flag the currently playing media file as done and then start playing the next media file in the audio playlist.

The behavior can vary though depending on some other conditions.

Auto-play ON
If no item is loaded into the media player, the first item in the audio playlist will start to play.
If an item is loaded into the media player, the currently loaded item will be flagged as done and the next item in the audio playlist will start to play.

Auto-play OFF
If the currently loaded item is in progress, if will flag it as done. The next item will be loaded into the media player but it will NOT start. You can press play at this point to play it.

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Playing next episode

My app no longer plays the next episode or the next podcast when the current episode is done.

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Playlist or Auto-Play Issue

Check if Auto-Play is turned off ( See Auto-Play post)

Then check the "Audio" tab if the default system playlists All - sorted by feed/date or All - sorted by date has been accidentally switched to a virtual playlist or a created user or dynamic playlist..that is currently empty.

On the audio tab and there are no episodes in the current playlist, you should see a message on the screen (Saying the playlist is empty)

switch to one of the default system playlists by pressing the playlist name at the top of the screen (A dialog box will open) press on the one of the system playlists with a headset icon or add more episodes to the user playlist that you're currently using.

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Well, good news: Auto-Play is checked (on), but ...

Thanks, Wayne. At least I can find my way quickly to Settings/Audio Player/Auto-Play.
I figured out what the Audio tab is, and when I selected it, all I see is a gray on gray message, "There are no audio files in the currently selected playlist.
All I have ever done is subscribed to podcasts, and selected additional, older episodes for download. Until about a month ago, Dogg Catcher did an admirable job of automatically starting another episode from among all my subscriptions.
... Oh, and you anticipated that. I selected "All - Sorted by feed/date," and suddenly it's full. Hopefully that solved my problem. Thanks, anyway. Stay safe.

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You're welcome

You're welcome

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I had this same problem, that started about the same time. This solution fixed it, thank you very much.
Not sure why it started, though. Have been using Doggcatcher for many years, no problems at all before, but I think my issue started around the same time - perhaps some kind of update triggered it?
Could just be PEBKAC and fat fingers, though....