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Headsets (Bluetooth/Wired)

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Headsets (Bluetooth/Wired)


DoggCatcher supports play, pause, fast forward, and rewind for Android connected headsets, however not all functions are supported on all devices.

Bluetooth Troubleshooting

Prior to troubleshooting any DoggCatcher issues, please ensure that your Android bluetooth settings say your device is "Connected to phone and media audio".

Bluetooth connectivity works well most of the time, but it gets a little flaky at times.

Many users (including myself) have reported that every few minutes there's the bluetooth audio is muted for a second or two while it is playing. Some users have reported that disabling wifi resolve this issue. It didn't work for me, but it might for you.

Bluetooth Phone Specific Issues

  • G1 - Bluetooth headset needs to be powered on before bluetooth is enabled on the phone
  • Hero - the Hero version of Android includes a music player that intercepts all button presses. At this time I'm not aware of anyone that has been able to get any third party applications to respond to button presses.

Bluetooth Profiles

A2DP - streaming audio (audio playback)
AVRCP - media controls (play/pause/ff/rew)