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Feed Updates

Feed Update Time

This preference works in conjunction with the Feed Update Interval (below).

It is the time that the feed update interval starts.

For example:

If you want to have the feeds update every 6 hrs starting at 3pm, you would set this to 3pm and the Feed Update Interval (below) to every 6 hours.

If you want to have the feeds update once a day at 6am, you would set this to 6am and the Feed Update Interval (below) to every 1 day.

Feed Update Interval

Feeds will be updated at this configurable interval, starting at the Feed Update Time (above).

See Feed Updates for more details.

Update feeds on start

If enabled, when the application start, the feeds will be updated.

Global Feed Options

Feeds will use these options unless they are overridden by a feed.

Number of Items

Auto downloads

Auto Delete Policy

Begin downloads only when...

The conditions that must be met for Media downloads to start.

Note that this applies only to downloads of media, Feed updates ignore this preference.

  • On WiFi - requires that the phone is connection to WiFi
  • On Power - requires that the phone is connected to a power source (either AC or USB)

Media Player General

Headset connect screen

Launches a DC screen when a wired or bluetooth headset is connected.

The bluetooth aspect only works with Android 2.0 or greater

Share media

Allows media downloaded by application to be indexed in the Android content library and displayed in Android applications such as the gallery.

In order for a change to this preference to take effect, you need to update your feeds and then cause Android to re-scan the SD card. This can be accomplished by rebooting the phone or mounting the SD card as USB.

Audio Player

Bind to headset button

When selected, DoggCatcher will pause and play the integrated media player when the headset button is pressed. Deselect this option to permit the Android music player to respond to the headset button presses.

Button Sharing
Unfortunately, you have to choose which application you would like bind to the headset button. If you enable the preference in DC, then it will own the button. When it's disabled, DC will ignore the button.

At the moment, Android does not allow more than one application to elegantly share the button. We hope to improve this function as the Android API develops.

Start application

Pause headset disconnect

The media player will be paused when a wired or bluetooth headset is disconnected from the device.

Pause on power removal

The media player will be paused when power (AC/USB) is disconnected from the device.

Skip seconds

Number of seconds to skip when the FF/Rew buttons are pressed on the integrated Media Player

Seekbar behavior

Controls what type of press is required to trigger the seekbar to change the play position.

Video Player

Video Player

Selects whether the integrated video player or the default Android video player is launched when playing videos

Action after external play

Determines the action taken after media is launched in an external player.


Notification - Download Success

Enables notifications when downloads succeed

Notification - Download Failure

Enables notifications when downloads fail

Notification - Audio playing

Enables a notification when audio is playing


Enable swiping

Swiping right on any screen will move 'back' (same as pressing back button)

Start on boot

DoggCatcher will be started when the device boots

Keep Alive


User Agent

Some cell carriers block traffic from certain user agents. If this value is set, it will override the default DoggCatcher user agent.

Users on French carriers have reported that this user agent fixes this problem.

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 1.5; en-us DoggCatcher Build/ CUPCAKE AppleWebKit/ 528.5+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.1.2 Mobile Safari/525.20

Super Advanced

Storage Directory

This is the directory where all the media (audio/video) and feed thumbnails images will be stored. Changing this value requires that any media stored in the previously configured location to be manually moved to the new location.

There are a few reason why you might want to change this.

  • Your device does not have a file system mounted to [/sdcard] (like the HTC Incredible without an SD card)
  • You have an internal SD mounted to [/sdcard] but want to store your media on an external SD card.

Here are the steps to migrate your media to a new location.

  • Exit DoggCatcher
  • Use a file manager to move your DoggCatcher directory to a new location. By default the DoggCatcher directory is at "/sdard"
  • Start DoggCatcher
  • Configure the storage directory preference to the new location. This will vary depending on your device.
    • HTC Incredible - /emmc

If blank, the default value of /sdcard is used.

Enable item compression

Please don't use this unless you are working with support

Compresses items in memory to work in low memory conditions.


The advanced downloader is a re-written module for downloading feeds and media files that resolves some problems in the basic downloader. Users experiencing problems with the basic downloader (mainly 'too many redirects') can switch to the advanced downloader.

In the future, the advanced downloader will become the default and then will eventually replace the basic downloader completely.


This is a background thread that looks for feed updates that are taking longer than they should and aborts them. There is a rare bug that causes feed updates to hang up that this is meant to correct. It's disabled by default but will be enabled by default in future releases.