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Feed Options

Basic Options

This is the web address for the Feed.

You can specify a name that will displayed in place of the name provided by the feed publisher.

Auto Download
DoggCatcher will download media enclosures for new items until this value is reached.

Set this value to 0 (default) to disable automatic downloading of media for this Feed.

Auto Delete Policy
DoggCatcher can delete media to make room for new media. Note that the media is not deleted until just prior to adding new items to the queue.

  • None - media will not be automatically downloaded
  • As space is needed - DoggCatcher will delete done media as needed (to keep within the auto-download quantity) when there is new media ready to be downloaded. Available SD card space does not affect this deletion policy in any way.

    E.g. - If you have auto-downloads set to 5 and 'As space is needed' configured, the oldest 5 new items will be kept. Once one of the 5 items is flagged as done, it will be deleted and the oldest new un-downloaded item will be downloaded. This essentially creates a sliding window of new items whose size is the value of auto-downloads. The window slides along the oldest end of the new items. Confusing...yep.

  • Done episodes - media flagged as Done will be deleted when the feed is updated.
  • Keep latest X - This will delete all of the oldest media except for the newest x media files where x is the number configured for auto-downloads. It will delete the oldest regardless of whether the media is flagged as New, In Progress, or Old.

Number of Items
This is the number of items that will be displayed for this feed. This does not include Expired Items.

Advanced Options

Virtual Feed
A virtual feed uses a folder on the SD card as content for a feed. E.g., you can place audio files from an audio book in a folder and play them like a regular feed.

Steps to creating a virtual feed:

  • Create a feed using the 'add feed' action in the DoggCatcher menu
  • Select 'Add by RSS URL'
  • Enable the 'virtual feed' feed option.
  • Save the feed
  • View the list of feeds. Your new virtual feed will have a number in the title.
  • Place the media files in the folder on your SD card that corresponds to the folder for the virtual. E.g. /sdcard/DoggCatcher/EpisodeEnclosures/[number].
  • Update the feed

Pin Expired
If this option is selected, DoggCatcher will not delete items that are deleted from the published feed. These items can be manually deleted from item context menu.

Episode Identifier
Some feeds use the same title for every item. If you see only one item displayed for a feed when you expect more, try selecting an alternate identifier. This is not common.

Make filenames unique
Some feeds use the same filename for every item. If you see all of the item icons (speaker, green arrow, etc) changing at the same time when the state of one of them changes, try enabling this feature. Changing this option requires that you re-downlkoad media for this feed. This is not common.

Full fetch
Some feeds publish items out of order. If you are seeing only older items or the items are in a strange order, try selecting this option. This increases network traffic, so use only when needed. This is not common.

Enter username and password if your feed requires authentication credentials.

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Customized feed download based on episode identifier

I just started using the app and I absolutely love it. I think this is a long shot, but it's a functionality I've always wished for in my old app and if any app is capable of accomplishing it, this seems like the one.

One podcast I listen to is daily 4 hour radio show. Each hour of the radio show is published as a separate podcast episode along with a 5th daily episode that is a compilation of select moments from the day. So every day, episodes are published with the following titles:
- "Local Hour: [Unique title]"
- "Hour 1: [Unique title]"
- "Hour 2: [Unique title]"
- "Hour 3: [Unique title]"
- "Best of: [Unique title]"

My question is, is there any way to use the Episode Identifier and/or unique filename functionality to customize the episodes downloaded for the feed? In the example above, I always listen to all four hours of the podcast so have no use for the large, multi-hour "Best of" compilation in my feed. It's a large file and also prevents me from setting up any sort of auto-play playlists for all my episodes of the feed since I still have to deal with the "Best of" episode. I'd love it if there were some way to customize the feed download options to say to download the 4 most recent episodes, but to exclude any episodes with an Episode Identifier that includes "Best of".

I know that was long. Thanks in advance for the consideration.

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Unfortunately there isn't

Unfortunately there isn't away to customize what episodes are downloaded from any particular feed, the only other options you can do is to delete the episode you do want from the feed once it's auto downloaded or cancel that particular best of episode from the download queue & flag it done...the next option is to disable auto downloads for that particular feed & manually download only the episodes you want.

(2nd option more complicated)

> On the feeds tab..scroll down and locate the particular feed
> Press the context menu (Hamburger icon right of the feed title) select "Feed Options"
>Under "Auto Downloads" disable "Global" and change the numerical value in field to zero (0)
>Press OK

Once the feed auto updates or you can manually update the feed

> On the feeds tab..scroll down and locate the particular feed
> Press the feed thumbnail icon
> Press the refresh icon (circular arrow icon) if the feed hasn't auto updated
>Press on on the episodes flagged blue you want downloaded & flag the episode you do not want (Done) Press the context menu (Hamburger icon right of the episode title) select "Flag as done"

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Thanks for the quick response!

Thanks so much for the quick reply. No problem, it's such a small thing. No big deal. Just thought I'd take advantage of the option if available. This app blows all other apps I've used out of the water!

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No problem, thanks for

No problem, thanks for posting