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Subscribe to a feed by RSS URL

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Subscribe to a feed by RSS URL

All Feeds have an URL that is the address that podcatcher software like DoggCatcher uses to obtain information about the Feed and the list of Items. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to find the URL for a feed.

Finding the RSS URL

It is usually easiest to go to the website of the feed and look for a link to the RSS feed. It should look something like this - "". The http:// part is required and the URL's nearly always end in ".xml".

If you are having problems with this, it may be helpful to click on the link to the RSS feed, then view the source of the web page to be sure it looks like a valid RSS feed. You'll know it's ok if it contains one of these near the top and some of these throughout.

If it is a FeedBurner page, long press on the "View Feed XML" link to get the RSS URL.

Once you have found the right URL, copy it to the clipboard, open DoggCatcher and add a feed using the "RSS URL" selection, and paste the URL into the "RSS URL" textbox.

DoggCatcher will also try to create feeds automatically when you click on RSS URL's in the browser if the URL is one of the supported types.