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Configuring media file auto delete

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Configuring media file auto delete

By default, DoggCatcher will not automatically delete any media files. Auto deletes can be enabled in the Feed Options. Scroll down to Auto Delete Policy and make a selection.

Note that media is deleted when a feed is updated.

Auto Delete Policy

  • None - media will not be automatically downloaded
  • As space is needed - DoggCatcher will delete done media as needed (to keep within the auto-download quantity) when there is new media ready to be downloaded. Available SD card space does affect this deletion policy in any way.

    E.g. - If you have auto-downloads set to 5 and 'As space is needed' configured, the oldest 5 new items will be kept. Once one of the 5 items is flagged as done, it will be deleted and the oldest new un-downloaded item will be downloaded. This essentially creates a sliding window of new items whose size is the value of auto-downloads. The window slides along the oldest end of the new items. Confusing...yep.

  • Episodes that are done - media flagged as Done will be deleted when the feed is updated.
  • Keep latest X, where X is the value of auto-downloads - This will delete all of the oldest media except for the newest x media files where x is the number configured for auto-downloads. It will delete the oldest regardless of whether the media is flagged as New, In Progress, or Old.