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Time overlapping when auto pausing

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Time overlapping when auto pausing

When GPS gives me audio instructions, DG pauses and then continue automatically (great!).

The problem is that the pause is sometimes in the middle of a word and when DG continues, it is difficult to stitch the sound track mentally.

This request is to have a very short overlap between the before and after sections. That is, when DG auto resumes, back a second or two before continuing.

(Backing to a word break would be nicer but may be too difficult to implement.)



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Good idea, I created an issue

Good idea, I created an issue for this -

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One step further

This is an old topic, but I can see it's still on the roadmap. I wanted to voice my support for this feature as well. I'd also like to suggest one step further and suggest an option/setting to rewind on _any_ pause, whether it's automatic or manual.

For my use case, there are two reasons:
1. I will frequently pause a show and do something distracting - sometimes as short as a conversation, other times running errands for a few hours - then come back to the episode and have no idea what the heck is going on. I frequently end up rewinding 30 seconds manually, but that is a distraction in e.g. the car. It would be nice if this happened automatically.
2. When using Doggcatcher with Android Auto or Bluetooth headphones, sometimes Doggcatcher will not immediately detect when I turn off the car or headphones, so I lose several seconds of the podcast, again requiring me to rewind when I start back up.

Between the two factors, I'd love if Doggcatcher allowed me to specify a rewind time (up to 1 minute!) on any pause. (I realize this may be a separate feature request from the original one above.)