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New User; Need Help Please

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New User; Need Help Please

Hello all,

I want to ask some questions that I hope aren't too dumb here. I just downloaded today, moving over from Stitcher. This is way more customizable, which is definitely a good thing, but I'm confused on what I want my settings to be, and getting them correct to maximize the apps.

1) I have a daily podcast that I listen to, and I just want to download/keep one at a time. I want to make it so that it just downloads every day automatically and delete's the previous day no matter if I listen to it or not. (i.e., if I miss a day it doesn't hold anything up, it just moves forward and doesn't save any)

2) Conversely, there's a podcast that is less frequent but that I want to save and not delete until I listen to it. (i.e., it will download and save all until I listen to them)

I believe I can do this since all the settings are customizable, but I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly.

Lastly, one more question:

3) I want to add a Podcast from itunes which didn't come up on the search. I just right click and then select "podcast URL" in iTunes to get the URL to punch into DC, correct?

Thanks in advance.

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The first two are covered in

The first two are covered in the getting started forum over here -

3 - Itunes urls are not natively supported. You'll have to find the RSS url for the feed, which can be done by searching in DC or by finding the URL on the publisher's website.