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Screen Issue

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Screen Issue

It's been over a year since the issue "After returning to DC, the screen displayed should be the one last viewed" has been created.

Is there a plan to correct this issue soon? I find this issue very frustrating. The promise that it would one day get resolved has kept me satisfied for a long time. But after a year I'm beginning to believe it will never be addressed.

Unfortunately, I have begun loosing faith in this forum. Scrolling through your issues page I see an overwhelming amount of issues created that have never been resolved. I won't presume to know what it takes to keep a product popular and a never satisfied forum base content. But I for one am becoming disillusioned that any changes will ever be implemented.

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Issue list

I agree that the issues don't get resolved as quickly as some would like, including myself. I wish I could get the issue list down to zero. However, because particular issues don't get resolved doesn't mean they won't, it's just that other things are happening first.

That particular issue drives me nuts too. I have been holding off on it until I got rid of the play mode screen because I didn't want to do the work to try to get you back to that screen, just to undo it later. The play mode screen will go away with the next release, which will let me move up the 'remember screen' issue.

While I can't make any promises, it should be happening in the next few releases.

Thanks for posting.