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Mark as new from within the news item

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Mark as new from within the news item

On occasion while scrolling through the items on the news tab, I accidentally touch the wrong item. Sometimes it was my intention to save that item for later, when I'd have more time to read the article. However, once I've opened the item and go back, the item is no longer listed in the news tab, because it's no longer considered new (unread). Currently, my only option is to go back to the list of all my RSS feeds, find the one feed (I have several), then find the article within that feed listing, then long-press it and mark as new. It would be great if there were a menu option while within the open item to markthe open item unread. That way I can immediately recover from a mis-selection.

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I agree, that happens to me

I agree, that happens to me all the time.

I created an issue for this -

Thanks for posting.

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Highlight, Star, Like or Save News Item for later review

Not much activity here after so many years, obviously issue never corrected. I too think it will be nice for an option to mark an item, and have it noted or saved somehow so I can review it later.