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Restoring a backup from a different location than where the backup was placed

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This is useful when you switch from a device that has no internal storage to a device with external storage (or a device with a different location configured as its external storage location.

When DoggCatcher does a backup, it place a directory called Export in the DoggCatcher directory on your SD card. The Export directory has all of the backup files except for media files.

1 - Use a file manager (like Astro free) to copy the Export directory from the old location to the new location. It should be placed into an existing directory called "DoggCatcher" that DoggCatcher created when it was installed.
2 - Start DoggCatcher and do a restore (in the menu)
3 - If that did not work then your device may have a different path to its SD card. If that is the case, configure the storage directory in the DoggCatcher preferences with the path to your SD card.

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I have tried everything this evening to get my backup loaded - never had any problems in the past. I am copying the Export directory that was previously backed up into the DoggCatcher directory, just as I have many times before. Yet no matter what I do when I do a restore it loads just the 6 default feeds, not my 60 or so subscribed feeds from the backup. I've checked the OPML files and the RSS feed file and both have the proper data. I am very confused as to where the software is even getting the data for the default feeds. Any options or will I need to dig in and resubscribe and redownload everything? Note that I've got all the original media files copied over in their original feed directories, and they load fine if accessed manually. Thanks for any help you can provide!