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News RSS Feeds

I really like DC. I use it for all my audio and video podcasts. For News/rss feeds.... not so good. I cannot get DC to sync past 40 (sometimes less, depending on feed) feeds/items.
Engadget feed. I set it up to download 100 or more items. But I can only get 40 items to load/display. So it gives me the LATEST 40 items. But most of the time there are many more new items that I have not read yet.

How can I get DC to act like other readers .... where it tracks what you have read and unread and syncs / brings you all the items /feeds? Say I have been away for 3 days... there probably is 300+ items for engadget that need to be read. With DC I will only get the latest 40. Other readers I get the 300.

Hope this makes since?

Thanks for the help

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What's the feed url?

What's the feed url that you're having the problem with? Chances are, the publisher isn't keeping more than the 40 items in the feed.

Once I get the google reader integration working, there's a good chance you'd be able to get what you're looking for but I haven't played with reader enough to say for sure.