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Default behavior for partial downloads destroys your download

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Default behavior for partial downloads destroys your download

Currently, if you have a partial download (typically the feed is reporting a file of a different size of what's on the server) and you single press on it, the default behavior of DC is to re-start the download.

What this does is destroy what has already been downloaded for the new attempt.

I configured DC to download episodes over wi-fi when charging. When I'm walking, I pick the item I want to listen to. If I click on a regular item once, it starts playing. If I click on a partial once, it is destroyed and added to the queue (but now I don't have wi-fi, so no download...)

Maybe this is intended (one click > re-download; long-press > access to menu from which play partial is available) but the user should ALWAYS be alerted to the fact that he is destroying what has already been downloaded.

It seems to me that it would be much better to have a consistent UI (one click plays the episode) and the option to attempt a new download in the long-press menu.

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That just came up recently from another user, it's at the top of the future feature list.