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Moving from Listen

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Moving from Listen

Hi. I am a former Google Listen user and I was wondering if you can help me out by answering a question.

Is it possible to have the feeds update in the play queue beneath each other? I have ordered my feeds so that BOL, the 404, and Tech News Today play before everything else, but I would prefer it if the all my feeds downloaded on Monday would play before the ones on Tuesday. Is this possible? Thanks for your help.

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So what you're looking to do is play BOL, the 404, TNT and other feeds from Monday, then play BOL, the 404, TNT and other feeds from Tuesday? Sort by date will sort of get you what you want, but it will sort the episodes strictly by date, not Monday episodes in an arbitrary order, then Tuesday episodes in the same arbitrary order, etc.

Sorting by feed/date will give you the feeds in whatever order you put them in and present the episodes in chronological order, but it sounds like what you want is sort of a "Sort by date/feed", which isn't currently supported.