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Order...Before I buy

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Order...Before I buy

I have bought a few podcast players, none of them will do what I want it to do, so before I spend my money again I thought I would ask.

It is really basic. I want to have the following podcast updated each morning and play them in the following order on my way to work.

1-CNN News
2-NPR News
3-WSJ Tech Briefing
4-Daily Madden

Will Doggcatcher do that? Any tricks I should know.

I got BeyondPod and I can set up a favorites list in the order I want them played but when I tell it to play "Favorites" it plays them in random order (random to me at least)...huh?

Stitcher is not nearly as good on Android as iPhone.

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Yep, that'll work

After you add the feeds, just order them in the you want to listen to them. Also set up auto-download and the auto-delete policy and you should be set.

Thanks for posting.