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Syncronization of feed item status with Google Reader

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Syncronization of feed item status with Google Reader

In this case I understand that I'm asking for a moon. But I cannot help my enthusiasm about Android in general and DoggCatcher in particular.
This feature is an extension of importing subscriptions from Google Reader.
I use Google reader to listen to the podcasts sometimes. I use it constantly to read regular feeds.
It would be great if after specifying user name and password for Google Reader account, DogggCatcher could synchronize status of feed items between Google Reader and DoggCatcher.
If somebody is listening to podcasts though Google Reader and starts using DoggCatcher, they could get instant synchronization of both the subscriptions and statuses.

May be something like this could be considered for some longer-longer-term plans.

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Yes, Please!

I agree! This would be a killer feature.