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I just downloaded DC. I trying to get the hang of it. It is kind of not very user friendly.

I have a set of RSS feeds organized in Google Reader. I try to add these feeds using Add Feed, Import from Greader/Listen. I then entered my Google ID etc. All the feed titles were then listed. I clicked Add all.

I found some of the feeds imported, not all. I repeated the import again. This time I noticed a message, Adding 23 feeds, please wait. The the message "Added 0 feeds" appeared.

I can't see many of the feeds I have organized under different subscriptions in Google Reader. I checked under the Audio tab for audio posdcats, and under Video tab for video podcasts. Except for a couple, I can't find anything else.

I checked out the FAQ and User manual, but couldn't find anything that helped me.

Thank you.

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All of your feeds will be on the feeds screen. It sounds like maybe you have a feed filter on. If you have an icon on the filter button on the feeds screens then the filter is enabled. That will hide different feeds depending on which filter is selected.

Seeing the 'added 0 feeds' makes it seem that all the feeds were imported correctly the first time, and that's why we're seeing the '0' because all of the feeds already exist.

If this isn't what's happening, let me know and we'll dig a little more.

Thanks for posting.