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Fast-forward and Rewind buttons individually adjustable

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Fast-forward and Rewind buttons individually adjustable

I use the "Fast-Foward" button (set to 30 sec) in order to skip over commercials or uninteresting music. I stop pressing the button once I'm TOO FAR (otherwise I can't establish if I'm past the commercials). A subsequent "Rewind" takes me back to a spot (of which I already know it's) too far BACK.

I would like to have the rewind button back-up 10 secs, so I can find the point at which the program resumes a bit more precisely.

Could the fast-forward and rewind button be changed so that they EACH have an adjustable skipping time?

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Skip seconds

I do have this on the todo list, I just moved it up to soon. There have been quite a few requests for this.

Thanks for posting.